Project Description


  • Stainless steel base plate and mechanisms(AISI 304)
  • Iron pin and zamak housing in chrome-plated, brass-plated, satin or black nickel-plated finish.
  • Plates are not included
  • With 5 keys
  • Possibility KIT CPB + cylinder 30/35 with knob or 30/30 without knob. Chrome-plated or Brass-plated.
  • Lock and cylinder with the same key
Chrome-plated CPB AACP0174 1.355
Brass-plated CPB AACP0173 1.355
Satin Nickel-plated CPB AACP0175 1.355
White CPB AACP0176 1.355
Black CPB AACP0177 1.355
C. 30/35 Knob CPB Chrome
AABB1010 406
C. 30/35 Knob CPB Brass AABB1009 406
C. 30/30 CPB Chrome
AABB1012 317
B. 30/30 CPB Brass AABB1011 317
Extra Plate AACP0111 60 cuadrado-vacio
Extra Latch Plate AACP0107 43 cuadrado-vacio
Note: Please contact SAG Seguridad for custom-made pins or cylinder lengths over 55mm, such as 65-75-85-95mm.